What to use for permitting sentences I have an exercice Make permitting sentences using the following words. example masuk Silakan masuk , Pak. isi : I write. Boleh, taruh isi disini. baca I try . Silakan baca buku, John. Makan....... minum....... antri........... What words are used for permitting sentences apart silakan... Terimakasih
Jul 6, 2015 12:24 AM
Answers · 4
Hi Titop, if you are referring to the answer of permitting sentences, then 'silakan' is the most polite one. For example: Question: Bolehkah saya duduk di sini? Answer: Tentu, silakan anda duduk di sini. Other examples (with the same question) Silakan makan di tempat yang telah disediakan. Silakan minum di tempat lain. Silakan antri di belakang. However, even the native speakers of Indonesian often make mistakes by writing 'silahkan' instead of 'silakan' NB: I think it is important to write questions in a clear way, so that others could understand your questions comprehensively. Have a nice day :)
July 6, 2015
Boleh kah saya [Activity] disini ? -> example = Bolehkah saya makan disini ? Kamu harus mengantri dari belakang
July 6, 2015
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