Difference betwee " an " and " in " in German May I know what's the difference between " an " and " in " in German ?
Jul 6, 2015 8:14 AM
Answers · 7
an = at an der Wand = at the wall an der Tür = at the door in = in/into in dem (masculin & neutrum Dativ) = im = in the in das (neutrum Akkusativ) = into ****** Ort {m} = Place ****** in Deutschland im Auto {n} im Kino {n} im Supermarkt {m} in der Schule {f} = in the school im Süden {m} = in the South im Haus {n} = in the house ****** Richtung {f} = direction ****** in den Supermarkt {m} = into the supermarket ins Kino {n} = into the cinema in die Schule {f} = to school / into the school ins Internet {n} (yep, we gain access to the magic cyberworld like in those fancy 80s movies and we surf "in" the internet, not "on")
July 6, 2015
in = in/inside an = to/next to (but can mean in too) Ich glaube an Bargeld = I believe in cash
July 6, 2015
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