What's the meaning of "fitted wardrobe"? Could someone explain to me very clear?
Jul 6, 2015 9:20 AM
Answers · 4
A fitted wardrobe is a wardrobe that looks as if it is part of the wall, i.e. there is no gap between the sides and top of the wardrobe and the walls and ceiling. It looks as if it is built into the room and not just placed there. Sorry, this is the best way I can think of to explain it!
July 6, 2015
A wardrobe is where you hang your clothes, usually in your bedroom. Some people have wardrobes which are free-standing pieces of furniture that can be moved and taken with you when you go to another house. Other people have 'fitted wardrobes' which are built into the room itself, nailed or screwed into the walls. Fitted wardrobes are part of the fixtures and fittings of the house itself, and they cannot be moved.
July 6, 2015
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