bebakhshid ''bebakhshid'' va ''mazerat mikham'' - fargh dare?
Jul 6, 2015 4:50 PM
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"be-bakhsh-id" is more spoken form than "ma'zerat mi-khAh-am" or "ma'zerat mi-khA-m". -You can use "be-bakhsh-id?" with a raising tone to ask for something. for example you can say: "bebakhshid borj-e MilAd kojAst?" so it is a starter in this sentence. - you can also use it to appologize: "be-bakh-id ke dir kard-am" = sorry that i am late. but about "Ma'zerat mi-khAm" i should say it is more like asking for apologies than a starer. look at this example? - az inke nArAhat-et kard-am ma'zer-at mikhAm= i am sorry to get you annoyed. -ma'zerat mi-khAm ke dir oomadam= i am sorry that i am late. you have also other options: "ozr mikhAm" = "mazerat mi-khAm" very formal and bookish: "poozesh mi-talab-am" :) feel free to contact me if you need more help. be omid-e didAr= with the hope of meeting (hope see you ) ;D
July 6, 2015
There is a difference between the two but in most everyday conversations they are used interchangeably. The word "bebakhsheed" ببخشید comes from the verb "bakhshesh" بخشش which means: to give freely, forgiveness etc. It is the equivalent to: Forgive me in English. The phrase "maazerat mikhaham" معذرت میخواهم comes from the word "oozr" عذر which means: excuse. It is equivalent to: Excuse me in English. In most everyday situations they are used interchangeably when interrupting someone. So I can say: ببخشید (Forgive me) or معذرت میخواهم (Excuse me) when stopping someone to ask for something. Both are very similar to their equivalents in English but again there are differences. For example in English when showing astonishment one can says in a loud and/or sarcastic manner: Excuse me! which would translate to "maazerat mikhaham" معذرت میخواهم but this is not used in Farsi, instead in Farsi to show astonishment the word "bebakhsheed!" !ببخشید is used with the same loud and/or sarcastic tone.
July 6, 2015
Na, Farghe khasi nadaran. mazerat mikham moadabane tare.
July 6, 2015
fahmidam, mamnunam
July 13, 2015
Hello Ms Shams " bebakhshid " va " mazerat mikham " both of them means excuse me but some times we use " bebakhshid " as the same as " I beg your pardon " or " pardon me " in English
July 12, 2015
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