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How to use который, которая, которые, которое Use in sentance?
Jul 6, 2015 11:50 PM
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который (masculine), которая(feminine), которые(plural), которое(neutral) Машина (feminine), которая у входа. The car (which is) by the entrance. Девушка (feminine), которая задала вопрос. The girl that/who asked the question. Лось - животное (neutral), которое очень осторожное. A moose is a (type of) animal that is very cautious. .
July 7, 2015
Firstly, this demonstrative pronouns use for indicate one thing from some many. In engliush, article "the" and "that, this" pronouns usually take on this function in an affirmative sentence and "what/which/whom" in an interrogative sentence. Example: - Сегодня я был в обувном магазине. - Today i was in shoe store. - В котором? - In which? - Который на улице Ноградской. - That is on the Nogradskaya street. At second, you should distinguish pronouns "который" and "какой": the first indicate one thing from some many, the second describes some characteristic. Example: - Которые туфли? - Which shoes? - Третьи справа. - Third from the right. but - Какие туфли? - What shoes? - Кожаные, белые. - Leather white. Pronoun "который" changes like adjective by the number: singular, plural; by genders (in the singular): musculine, feminine, neutral; and by cases (as plural, as singular, in all genders). It give 3x5+1 (neutral gender changes by cases like musculine, but in nominative other ending, also there are 6 cases, but in accusative case ending like in nominative or genitive) = 16 forms of the pronoun. It should be noted: there is one quesion: "Который час?" that translates "What time is it?"/"What o'clock is it?", the answer doesn't contain the words "который" anyway.
July 7, 2015
который = he которая = she которые = they которое = it
July 7, 2015
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