이 문장이 무슨 뜻이죠? 계산서를 보시면 식사하신 금액이 적혀 있습니다. 이 운장에서 "식사하신" 하고 "적혀"가 무슨 뜻이죠?
Jul 7, 2015 11:02 AM
Answers · 2
식사하신 is composed of 식사하(다)+시+ㄴ 식사하다 means "have a meal" 吃饭 시 is an honorific addition ㄴ is past tense modifier 식사하시다 is honorific expression of 식사하다 식사하신 금액 means "cost of meals(which you had)" 적혀 is composed of 적히(다) + 어 적히다 is a passive verb of 적다 적다 means "write" 적히다 means "be written" 어 is a connecting particle 적혀 있다 means "it is written" 계산서를 보시면 식사하신 금액이 적혀 있습니다. You can see the receipt in which the cost of meals is written.
July 7, 2015
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