“笑”的多种名称,你知道吗? 笑不露齿 = 笑逐颜开 = 笑得心酸 = 笑着讽刺 = 凶恶的笑 = 无意义的笑 = 鼻子里笑 = 笑话别人 =
Sep 7, 2008 1:27 AM
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笑不露齿 = toothless smiles 笑逐颜开 = beam with smiles 笑得心酸 = laugh of sadness 笑着讽刺 =laugh ironically 凶恶的笑 =an evil smile 无意义的笑= simle with nonsense 鼻子里笑 = sneer from nose 笑话别人 =laght at sb 笑里藏刀=murderous intent behind one's smile;cover the dagger with a smile 皮笑肉不笑 = a false/fake smile; 微笑=smile 哈哈大笑=chortle 苦笑=a wry smile ;a melancholy smile 讥笑/嘲笑=sneer;razz;ridicule;jeer;fleer;deride 奸笑=sinister smile ;sly grin 傻笑= a silly smile 冷笑=sneer ;a cold laugh —————————————————————————————————————————— 其他: 龇牙一笑 咧嘴笑=grin 微微一笑=merely/thin smile /smiling gently 忸怩地笑=a coy smile 似笑非笑=half smile 开怀大笑full smile 莞尔一笑=flash a smile 咯咯地笑=giggle 柔声地笑=laughed softly 银铃般的笑声=silvery laugh 愉快、响亮、爽朗、干脆的笑声=hearty, sonorous, bubbling, unshared laugh 刺耳得笑声=rough laughter 尴尬地笑=smile in an awkward 宽容地笑=smile indulgtly 感激地笑=smile gratefully 强颜欢笑=force /manage a smile 一笑置之=laugh off 哄堂大笑= a general laughter;a roar laughter 让人笑掉大牙=make people laugh their heads off 忍俊不禁=simmering wi laughter
September 8, 2008
September 7, 2008
微笑  哈哈大笑  苦笑  讥笑  奸笑   傻笑   冷笑   嘲笑
September 7, 2008
笑里藏刀 皮笑肉不笑 确实有很多种
September 7, 2008
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