what does "I'd finished the time"mean? She felt, literally, prickles of warning at the back of her neck. “Eli, it changes. That’s the beauty of it.” “I want to know where you are when you’re not here. I’m not a goddamn stalker. It’s not about keeping tabs or trying to sew you in.” She put the plate she was holding on the counter, took a breath. “I want to say I didn’t think that, or mean that. And I also realize something I didn’t until today, until all this. I realize I brought more bag-gage with me from D.C. than I thought. I think—hope—it’s down to a small hand tote. I hope I’ll figure out how to toss that out.” “It takes time.” “I thought I’d finished the time, but apparently not quite. So . . .” She lifted the plate again, slid it into the dishwasher rack. “I’m here most of the day. I have my morning class, church basement, and I have a massage at four-thirty. Greta Parrish.” “Okay. Thanks.”2. wdoes "baggage"here "real baggage?" or does it mean"pressure"?
Jul 8, 2015 12:16 PM
Answers · 2
From the excerpt, "baggage" refers to someone's personal history ("emotional" baggage), where something emotionally unpleasant or traumatic happened (like breaking up with someone). The author is using it figuratively. This person had some kind of personal "unpleasantness" in DC that she left behind when she moved away. "It takes time" refers to the healing process from the trauma, like recovering emotionally from a breakup. So "I finished the time" refers to the idea that she thinks that she had gotten over the trauma, and was ready to move on to something new, like a new relationship. It's unclear from the excerpt that this relationship is that we're reading.
July 8, 2015
In this context, 'baggage' means a history of relationships and personal issues . If you say ' he has a lot of baggage', it means he has a complicated personal history, - maybe children from a previous relationship, unresolved personal issues with previous partners, etc. The term 'baggage' means it is something heavy they have to carry around (figuratively speaking), which may well be a burden, and an impediment to them forming new relationships.
July 8, 2015
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