here, I have a little question about ..... Hello, 我想請問 關於 充實 兩個字的英文該如何表達 像是 "今天我過得很充實" I want to know how to say it in English, and hope someone can give me an answer about this question, I don't how to say it...if I got a nice day, but actually it's not very pleasant or delightful...but it gave a lot of lesson about my job or anything useful let's say, you have a lot of thing to do, and you are very motive, It might be a little busy, but you will you're doing something certainly....and in positive...positively! But I think It's not the word "wonderful" I think there is some other word to describe this condition.... 中文是"充實" I mean...that I will that I didn't waste time on something, and I did something worth! I feel the time is worth to spend on something you're intend to... A day without wasting time, do a lot of thing and all that is worth to do... you feel very....充實 could you tell me how to say this in English
Jul 8, 2015 2:50 PM
Answers · 8
today was very busy, but I was in a flow state.< the first part is to describe that a lot was going on, and the second part is that you are getting things done. it is referred to as" being in the flow" or that you had a flow state. another way some people might say it as slang would be: kicking ass and taking names taking care of business, as: I have had a busy day, but I really took care of business or I had a very full day, but I got things done.
July 8, 2015
why not just 'fruitful' - search 'fruitful synonyms' or enriching, rewarding
July 8, 2015
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