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"ponen los pelos de punta" It is joke, but i can not get it, especially i don't know what the "ponen los pelos de punta" means? El cliente: sera posible que solo sepa usted contar noticas de asesinatos,terremotos y desgracias en general? La peluqueria: Lo que pasa es que con esas noticias a los clientes se les ponen los pelos de punta y esto me hace mucho mas facil el trabajo.
Sep 7, 2008 3:20 AM
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poner los pelos de punta= to be scared. and this is because you know when in the cartoons they scream their hair is up, similar when you touch electricity
September 7, 2008
poner los pelos de punta = to make one's hair stand on end And it is used when you're terrified, scared. it's a bad joke x) It's about a costumer who went to hairdresser's and HE said : Oh nowadays there's only bad news in the paper and these bad news make people scared. And, the HAIRDRESSER said : for this reason I always put the paper in the hairdresser's, to make people's hair stand on end so that my job will be easy then.
September 7, 2008
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