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我同他的关系很不错 --> 同 Hello everybody, My grammar book gives the sentence 我同他的关系很不错 but then says that 同 is used in southern China and is not common in the north; however, it does not give an example of how someone in the north would say this. So: instead of 同, what would instead be used in the north in this sentence? My attempt: 我跟他的关系很不错 Thanks so much! Michael
Jul 8, 2015 7:07 PM
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1我同他的关系很不错。 2我和他的关系很不错。 3我与他的关系很不错。 4我跟他的关系很不错。 I am a south Chinese, I prefer 2 and 4.
July 9, 2015
As a northerner, I perfer the word "gen1 跟" or “和”,or just saying "我俩(us)关系很不错". I happen to be a northerner who lives in the south, I can say that I rarely hear people in the south using "同" in such sentences. BTW, your grammar book could use a little update.
July 9, 2015
July 11, 2015
和,跟,同,与 and/with
July 9, 2015
同=跟,和 In Madarin it is 我和他的关系很不错 orally we can use them all
July 8, 2015
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