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What is the difference between فانت (fant), أنتِ (anti), and فإنك (fank)?
Jul 9, 2015 2:48 AM
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the original word أنت for masculine but when add ف it indicate ordering: example: وصلت أنا فأنت meaning: I arrived then you ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- أنتِ: for feminine means: you أنتِ طالبة: you are a student. ------------------------------------------- إنك: like you it to refer to the listener or reader إنك رجل : you are a man and ف like ف in فأنت
July 9, 2015
فانت (fa anta) so you (Masculine pronoun) ex: اذا كنت فعلت ذلك فانت شجاع if you did that, so you are brave أنتِ (anti), You (Feminine pronoun) ex: أنتِ جميلة You are pretty فإنك (fa enak) - Masculine فإنكِ (fa enaki) - Feminine so you, but in a conifmation way. the word (إن) is used to confirm and ensure the sentence
July 12, 2015
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