Which one is right to say in this situation? When my friend had kept me waiting and showed up late without notice, which one is right to say? -You could have told me you were going to be late. -You could tell me you were going to be late. If either one is okay to say, what is the difference?
Jul 9, 2015 3:03 PM
Answers · 7
"You could/should have told me" is correct since "you were going to be late" indicates that you are discussing a potential action in the past. If you don't want your friend to do something similar in the future, you can say: "You could/should tell me if you will be late" OR "You could/should tell me when you are late."
July 9, 2015
The first one is correct. Fog's suggestion is also acceptable.
July 9, 2015
I used to say: You should have told me you were going to be late.
July 9, 2015
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