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Three questions about a book I'm reading. Thank you in advance. :) 1. There it stood, a doll's house, painted a thick, dark, oily green. Does it mean '... pintada de un grueso, oscuro, aceitoso verde'? (It sounds strange, I know.) 2. The fastening at the side was stuck fast, and Pat had to use his knife to get it open. (El cierre a un lado estaba atascado), y Pat tuvo que usar su cuchillo para abrirlo. Is the first part right? 3. But then... the whole front of the house (swung back) and - you could see evertyhing! ¿La parte delantera de la casa se echó hacia atrás? I can't imagine it.
Jul 9, 2015 5:08 PM
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Yes, that all seems correct. The doll's house is like a box that opens by swinging open the whole of the front part. On one side there is a hinge, and on the other side is a fastening. You open the fastening, swing the front open, and you can see all of the inside of the house. The doll's house has a thick coat of green oil paint on it. The paint is so thick that the fastening is 'stuck fast' - it's almost impossible to open. Pat forces the fastening open with his knife, and then the front of the house swings open, like a giant door.
July 9, 2015
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