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A paragraph from a news The article is about the censorship of the internet in Russia. The sentence is as follows. A group known as the Russian Pirate Party blames a stored webpage, called “Solitary Jihad in Russia,” for the blockage. The webpage states that Islamic law “must be instituted all across the world.” I don't understand this paragraph we'll. Could you explain this paragraph in other words?
Jul 10, 2015 3:12 AM
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一個稱作俄羅斯海盜黨(Russian Pirate Party)的團體譴責一名為俄羅斯孤獨聖戰(Solitary Jihad in Russia)的網頁,主因是其宣稱伊斯蘭法律應該要被所有國家所建立。 希望這樣有幫助到你 : )
July 10, 2015
'News' is a mass (uncountable noun) in English. So native speakers do not use the singular indefinite article ('a') before it, just like we do not use this article before any mass noun. You can say 'the news' or 'a news item' or 'a news story'.
July 10, 2015
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