breakfast from home do these sentences make sense' 1 Other students bring their breakfast form home and do not buy it in the canteen Is it " take or bring " this time? I am talking at home about my school . 2 "we go back to class at 11 .Sometimes we have to saty in school in the evening for practical classes. 3. I advice you to go to the local pool. In addition to enjoying the pool , you can do weights, spinning and even learn salsa.You can do it all by paying a small fee a month. 4 He is a famous football player for the Spanish selection ( International Spanish team) Thank you ever so much
Jul 10, 2015 7:12 PM
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1.So some students bring their breakfast from home. Some students take their breakfast to school - either of these is fine. 2.we go back to class at 11 .Sometimes we have to saty (stay) in school in the evening for practical classes. I am not sure about these two sentences. Do you mean you go back at 11.00am or 11.00pm? If the former, then this means that you go to school (at some unspecified time in the morning), then leave, then go back at 11.00am, then stay until the evening. If the latter, then it means you go to school for some unspecified time during the day, then go back at 11.00pm and stay for some unspecified time for night classes, which would have you staying in school until after midnight. This would not be considered 'evening'. I really don't understand what you are saying here. 3. I advise (not advice - advice is a noun, it is what you give someone when you advise them). 4. He is a famour football player for the Spanish team. Or, he plays football for Spain.
July 10, 2015
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