What does «Никуда не двигайся, а то укусит» mean? I think I understand the first part: "Don't move anywhere". The second part leaves me a little confused. Who is biting what/who and how does the grammar work? What does «а то» mean?
Jul 11, 2015 4:10 PM
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Most probably that's about a wasp or a bee sitting right on someone. Не двигайся here means something like get frozen or don't mov a single muscle. А то укусит - otherwise it will bite (or sting - I am not sure which is a proper verb) you. You can say а не то укусит, meaning will be the same.
July 11, 2015
It is unclear who or what is going to bite the person if he moves. 'А то' means 'иначе' here. It is a fixed phrase that is used as a conjunction.
July 11, 2015
It means "stand still, or it will bite you" "а то" here means "or", "otherwise" It can be also said Не двигайся, иначе она укусит тебя. We do not know who do not know who said that phrase, to whom it is said and who is that who can bite.
July 11, 2015
You can also meet the "а не то" version of this construction: Никуда не двигайся, а не то укусит. In fact, "Никуда не двигайся, а не то укусит" = "Никуда не двигайся, а то укусит". А то; А не то = otherwise
July 15, 2015
Very helpful, thank you:)
July 14, 2015
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