What is the difference between these words What is the difference between these words: - I miss you - I miss you already - I missed you, and - I have miss you I hope I will get the right answers, thank you.
Jul 11, 2015 10:49 PM
Answers · 2
I miss you - you say this to someone who is away from you - you miss them I miss you already - say you were farewelling someone at the airport,, and you know when they are gone you will miss them. Here you are saying I miss you already - you haven't even gone yet and I am already feeling sad because I know how much I am going to miss you. I missed you is what you would say when the person returns - it is past tense. I missed you (while you were gone), but you are back now, so I am no longer missing you. I have miss you - this isn't grammatical. It should be "I have missed you". Again it is what you would say when someone comes back and you are no longer missing them.
July 11, 2015
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