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Can anyone help me with very basic Russian - Cyrillic alphabet? I recently started learning Russian and basically all I need is someone to help me with the Cyrillic alphabet... how to pronounce each letter and how to write cursive Cyrillic. Thank you for helping me!
Sep 7, 2008 3:16 PM
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Ola! Quando avançares bastante nos teus estudos do alfabeto russo, podes contar comigo! Posso ajudar-te usando msn. Se quiseres, claro. Boa sorte!
September 10, 2008
Handwritting http://www.rusklaviatura.com/topics.php?id=3&cat=1 http://masterrussian.com/blalphabet.shtml But, of course, adults write these letters a little bit differently... And sometimes it's hard to read someone's handwriting even for native speakers. =))) (Especially doctors like to use totally confusing handwritings!!! :D )
September 9, 2008
my daughter not so far long ago studied to write. I can scane handwriting for you if you want
September 7, 2008
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