日本語 みなさん,こんにちは! フアンです。I am learning Japanese right now and have completed learning all Kana now I am beginning Kanji. As of now I only know about 100 characters. I just wanted to know if anyone out there can give me some recommendations on apps for Kanji practice and some beginning reading material. ありがとう!
Jul 12, 2015 8:15 AM
Answers · 2
Apps that are good are: Kanji draw - teaches kanji and stroke order, which is important. Aniki aniki - the free version is great. It tests you on all levels so you can start on N5 and work your way up to N1. Kabuto is great for looking up words Japanese to English and vice versa. And you can search via radicals. I hope this helps. :)
July 12, 2015
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