Questa grammatica è confusa: E' sicuro di vedere a righe? Perché usa il infinitivo 'vedere'? 'It is certain that you see in stripes' Why is the infinitive vedere used?
Jul 12, 2015 8:37 AM
Answers · 1
Hi Peg, after the preposition 'di' (and others prepositions) it is often used the infinitive, as a grammar rule. In this case it is used the infinitive to express the meaning of 'to see' in a general sense, in an indetermined way...: "everything you see is in stripes". The infinitive is often used to express something indetermined. The sentence you have written in Italian: "È sicuro di vedere a righe?", would be translated in English: "Are you sure that you see in stripes?" The sentence you have written in English: "It is certain that you see in stripes", would be translated in Italian: "È sicuro che vedi a strisce". As you can see, after the conjunction "che" it is not used the infinitive. I hope this is of some help ^_^
July 12, 2015
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