How does your country treat people who are physically or mentally disabled? Now that the Disabled Olympics are on in Beijing, we don't hear much about disabled athletes. Do your buildings have special ramps? Do your schools provide special programs for the disabled?
Sep 8, 2008 12:19 AM
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Singapore is improving over the pass few years building disabled-friendly environment. Not easy for a land scarce country. In fact the better way is to treat them like normal people. They feel better and can also help to contribute to the nation too. So basic infrastructure for them is really important.
September 8, 2008
well, people in canada usualy treat disbled people fairly well, but i am sad to say that there are some who think it is alright to tread them wrongfuly
September 8, 2008
All like to help those who cannot help others or do their own help,physically or mentally.But they hve to do it!.Everyone in a country r not having same mindset.i know u like lending a helping hand to other,i like that also.May be ur friend dont like to do that,also may be my friend.if everyone hve the same mind as we had ,no need to ask question.it will be answered naturally.so as my country,i cannot compell or anyone can.In my country its like 50-50 situation.i think the world also thinks in 50-50 manner.some can make difference ,hope u can.......
September 12, 2008
my country treat them fairly as well as with how they treated a normal lives. we have an organizations here for people with handicapped and disabled. and its very amazing how they teached the handicapped and disabled people to developed their lives by means of extracting their creativity in their selves. i really love their hidden talents when it comes to making arts! handicapped people here and disabled are very competitive regarless for what they are. and we support them 100%
September 11, 2008
nice to meet you,and so glad to talk with this question with you.i am a chinese and an medical student,so in my school have no physically or mentally disabled people.but i can see some mentally diabled people. my teachers will give them some treatments include mental and medical. i live sichuan provice,so in this earthquake many unlucky people become disable.fortunately,their life is the same like before under the care of government and hot-heart people.
September 10, 2008
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