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I want to study abroad after my graduation,which country can i choose? I want to study abroad after i graduate from my college. All my dear friends,can you recommend some good schools for me ? My msn is [email protected] 我毕业后想出国留学,我亲爱的朋友们能给我推荐一些大学么?
Sep 8, 2008 9:49 AM
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Yes , it stopped at what kind of sciences you want to study , there are many Good Suggestions , but depend on the filed which you prefer to study e.g. If you want to Study Engineering I suggest '' Deutschland'' or Germany for you there are many poineer there like Hochschule in Frankfurt am main , .. Linguistics / Languages or English literature : I sugget London University , Cambridge , Oxford ,.. Biology , Physics , Medicine.. There are many e.g pennsylvania university is the Poineer ,.. Accountion / Economy/Management:there are many in everywhere in America ,Europe, and Asia . Egyptology / History :In Cairo University , Many in Germany , and the UK , and the US. Arabic , And Islamic Studies : Al Azhar University in Egypt is the Poineer , .. Thank you , And hope that help you ^_^
September 8, 2008
You can try Singapore http://www.singaporeedu.gov.sg
September 8, 2008
it dpends on what you want to learn. I think your question can be regarded in two ways, a, You want to STUDY abroad b, You want to study ABROAD
September 8, 2008
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