Hesham Sallam
Is there a Rule for the "CH"!!! Really this sound was confusing me Since I started to Learn English. In Many words I found it with "Tsh" Sound like in " CHapter , CHain ,.. In at the other way found in "Sh" Sound e.g."churCH ,.. At the other side like "K" Sound e.g. CHaracter , CHorus,.. I want to know is the a particular rule for the "CH" Sound , Looking forward you help , And Thank you in advance ^_^
Sep 8, 2008 11:46 PM
Answers · 4
As I recall, Hesham, there is no rule for the CH. ;-) Modern English came from many different languages, not just old English, and since many English words have been influenced by Latin, German, Old English, Spanish, French, etc, that's why letters aren't uniformly pronounced the same all the time as they are in other languages. You'll just have to learn them with each word you learn. I've been going through the same thing learning Irish, so don't feel bad. ^_^. *Hugs*
September 9, 2008
"CH" never sounds "SH" in english
September 9, 2008
There is a rule, but it's probably not very helpful... "ch" is pronounced as "k" in words that come from Greek. Everywhere else it is pronounced as "tsh". (The final "ch" in "churCH" is not really as soft as "sh")
September 9, 2008
hi hesham, k sound as Marrain said , comes from greek or even ecclesiastic (medieval church) latin, not only in english but even in frensh and so many other languages, so most of botanic and medical, architectural (k)... greek mythologic , names would be pronounced as k , understanding the meaning of the world will help too.
September 10, 2008
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