would you suicide? i have this friend of my age, i am 13 she was like 11 when she tried to do that, it was all of depression, would u do that or take things the way they are?
Sep 10, 2008 4:59 AM
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Terrible question.
September 10, 2008
No. I am not a idiot. I will die anyway and don't need do it someself.
September 13, 2008
If you feel bad read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas or Nirvana & The Sound of Seattle by Brad Morrell. It can help. If you die you'll make great evil and grief to you parents, friends, relatives. They will suffer so much. Even if you lost your parents and friends you shouldn't die. It's silly. You will forget your misfortune very soon and you will be happy. Especially in so young age. Though if I lose my legs, my arms, my eyes and my ears at war battle or some accident I would want also to die :)
September 11, 2008
To people that consider suicide I would say that whatsoever is the problem they are facing, suicide isn't a solution. If you live, there will be always hope. If you suicide you are just running away from the problems. Suicide is cowardice. Suicide it is not a solution. People that love you will suffer. And, if you die, you will never have the opportunity to be happy in the future, to enjoy live. Life can be wonderful if we learn how to look for happiness. And live can be good, in spite of the difficult moments that everybody face here and there. Suffering is part of life and we can learn how to endure suffering. Life is made of bad and good moments. In the bad moments, if we just just wait, the better times will come. We must be braves not cowards. We must learn how to endure the difficult moments to enjoy the good ones that, for sure, will come. See around you and think about many human being that really have reasons for complaining more than you but they are still struggling. Follow their examples. Be brave, struggle, don't just run away. You can overcome all obstacles, if you really want to. You are stronger than you think you are. And look for some professional help. Talk to people that love you or that can help you. Ask for advise about how to face the problems you are facing. There is always light on the end of the tunnel.
September 11, 2008
I was trying to do the same when I was at your age but, thank God, it's really hard to do. And know one thing, that you will NOT stop to exist after the death of this temporal body. You will continue to exist, but if you leave your body before the time, you will stay in the in-between condition like a ghost. You will be still covered by your subtle body, mind, but there will not be any gross physical body since you've killed it. Tell her friend, that Better not do it. Suicide is not a solution. Whatever you do, you WILL continue to exist. We just change our bodies. We will continue to exist after our bodies die. Life is so short, time goes by so quickly, why make it even shorter. Everyone who has born IS to die. Everyone who has died IS to born again. There's no need to interfere in the nature. At the certain time all of us have to leave our bodies and get another ones. We are not our body. We are IN the body. We're the drivers inside of the cars - our bodies, so to speak. When a car crashes, the driver continue to exist. So, suicide will produce only more problems and suffering. It's better not to leave your friend alone! Try to find out what's the reason of her depression. It can'be either a broken heart or bullying in the school.. take a good care of her!! otherwise it can be too late!!! if it's really serious, maybe it makes sense to tell about it to her parents.
September 10, 2008
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