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if a gift is not accepted, then it belongs to who? hope that everyone properly consider this issue,u can prove that your views (example.....)
Sep 11, 2008 2:29 PM
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In my country this is a very bad sign if a gift is not accepted. You must accept it. You don't accept it if you want to insult the giver. If we are the givers and we have received back our gifts we'll destroy them. Things that cost fortune or very expensive are exception. You may reject such things and they come back to the giver (especially when the giver is rich but the receiver isn't).
September 12, 2008
To me... Senario -1 if you know him/her who gives you the gift in a way. (a friend , a family member ...) the gift is yours any more :) but if you dont accept and giver insists so you can give the gift to another one (if it is possible). Senario -2 if you dont know him/her who gives you the gift the gift is not yours it belongs to giver.
September 12, 2008
exchanging of gifts strengthen the relationship, it can be assume that a gift may be rejected due to different factors may be boy wants to impress girl, in Islam it can come under abbearence between the two so better to be rejected and resend to the sender if u can with a letter of rejection otherwise this gift would be the property of post officeif u r not accepting. u can not make deserving with urself for the gift because the gift is not ur property. once u accepted the gift it is ur property and u can do whatever u want.
September 12, 2008
I guess "title" transfers on conveyance (in lawyer language). If the gift is offered by not accepted, then it still belongs to the giver.
September 12, 2008
"it belongs to none",it will be called as gift only when anyone accepts for eg-1.when u gift a painter with colours,if he dont accept it,then it will be of no use to u also(be sure u dont paint) 2.when we dont take the right oppurtunity at time gifted by god ,we cannot call it as a gift from god because we cannot use it but in vice versa if u taken the oppurtunity ,it will benifit u and if u believe in god can be said that god gifted that oppurtunity. 3.An man has natural talent of singing,if he dont accepts it or use it,noone will say he is gifted ,think viceversa also..... etc.............
September 12, 2008
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