" Lord "
Why are more people who i met - When i was research on friends - I find they are Chinese ?? what's the secret tell me please ... but chinese.. due to answer ...
Sep 11, 2008 8:17 PM
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dear cauz there r just in china more than Billion and 2 hundred as i know maybe Quarter peopls of this world !!!! anyway chinis good peopls *.^
September 11, 2008
我英语不太好,用中文回复 我想原因之一是:中国人口众多.但是在你与其是否交朋友的时候,个人资料会显示地区的,你是可以选择的! "made in China "是因为图中国的制造平宜,这点让我们的生活指数不能大幅度提高!!相当于"有劳无功"!! 很多中国人, 说明中国人是很上进的,利用网络上学习!这精神,让你觉得不高兴了? 中国人也好,不是中国人也好,能友好相处,相互学习进步才是重要的!
September 12, 2008
there haven't any secret u can choose other country to search
September 12, 2008
most are students,they are lively and friendly and cute and study hard and have more timeo(∩_∩)o
September 14, 2008
Hi,I think you should set the language you want to search,it can help you find friends who speak the language you want to learn!
September 12, 2008
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