Is it hypocrisy? What do you think about who deletes answers, that don’t fit with his opinion? Well, something shocked me here. I posted a topic in one of the groups, then two people started to argue, the debate was hot. I was following it attentively. As I was the one who proposed the topic, I could receive a notification for every new answer to my topic. But, when I checked the new answer I fount nothin’! The guy who created the group deleted it! Why? Because he was one of the two who was arguing and other’s answers don’t fit with his narrow view points! And what bothered me is that this guy pretends to be a free-thinker! Sincerely, what do you think about this? P.S. The guy, who did it, will know that I talk about him, while reading this.
Sep 12, 2008 4:54 AM
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WOW its called a coinsidence! i know tht feeling they did tht 4 me twice ! but u r smarter ! at least u know who ! YES it's Hipocrisy & unfair .... especially when u get tired of expressing ur view ! then u get shoked! if u r speaking about whom i am thinking: then he did tht with me 1st !! he didn't like my answers .. if i were him i would say i didn't like ur answer X but i wouldn't delete it all ... !! in 3rd time i won't shut up like i did twice ! but u should know itlktiv tht u r right ! & his react is the proof so congrats !! AL salam ==> peace ! :-)
September 12, 2008
he is the hypocrite of our era :D :D heheheh :D yeah :D the one that you're speaking about is ........... :D i know him :D behavng like this is his blind way :D he can not see even his front :D but he posts topics about world politics :D i just laugh whenever i see his comments :D so never mind ;)
September 12, 2008
That guy should run for president of the United States!! Is his name Bush by any chance?? lol Classic example of how people "in power" control "the peoples" opinions. Filter the ones that oppose, publish the ones that agree! In a word "tunnel-visioned fool"...OK, not one word, but you get the idea. (I thought of other words to describe his actions but they were too rude so i toned it down)
September 12, 2008
You have to remember that some opinions border on the criminal. If people deny the holocaust or call for murder it is best ro remove them. :)
September 13, 2008
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