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有是我,都成十万个为什么了!合同中一个段落翻译不好,求高人指点 大概简单翻译就好,小弟先谢过了 Upon occurrence of any of the following events, lessor shall have the right to declare LESSEE in default of this Agreement, at which time LESSOR shall provide LESSEE with written notice thereof (a “notice of default”): (a) LESSEE fails to perform in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;(b) LESSEE discontinues its business as a going concern, becomes insolvent, is subject to any proceeding of receivership or liquidation, files a petition for bankruptcy, voluntary or involuntary, or is subject to any act or event which, under the applicable law thereof, has a substantially similar effect to any of the said acts or events described above; or, (c) all or part of LESSEE’s assets are assigned for the benefit of creditors.
Sep 12, 2008 9:39 AM
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From Non Translation Expert, 如有下列任一情况发生,出租人有权认定承租人违约;同时以书面形式提供承租人与下列情况相关的声明(如违约声明): (a)承租人违反合约中规定之承租义务 (b)承租人不能作为一个持续盈利的公司继续运作,即将破产,或在自愿或非自愿的情况下会被其他公司接收、资产被冻结、提交破产申请,或存在任何一种由相关法律规定,具有以上同等法律效力的事由 (c)为保护债权人的权利,承租人的所有或部分资产被分配给债权人
September 16, 2008
September 16, 2008
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