Do you believe the existence love for ever !! just tell me your opinion !!
Sep 12, 2008 3:02 PM
Answers · 3
love ,beautiful word,can be used to anyone.some say god is love ,say to gl friend "i love u".i love my country,i love my parents.most used word ?.hmmm,listen my friend "love exists for ever"how? only bcause of our mothers.That love never ends...think 10 months u r part of her.they gave u birth didnt knowing that they will be payed back or not?then like hen protecting her chicks under her wings,they protected u.when u groes up u go in seach of love,for a gl friend,for friends,etc.but mothers love is so vast that it never is always there.may ur girl friend love ur pocket,may ur friends betrays u.may ur country stamps u as a triator.But a mother never.that is is not god ,but love is mother.mother doesnt cares abt his sons pocket,beauty,etc.but ur girl friend or friends checks will exist as long as mothers exist.i love my mother...
September 12, 2008
my friends, dont misunderstand me,i only told that a mothers love is 100% pure.i love my friends too.its not the matter whom i love ,its the matter that who loves dont misunderstand that i misread by friend gl friend,or friends relations.i hve all these tooo.
September 12, 2008
Yes I do, but in some countries it is quite easy to get a divorce , so many people don't make a real effort to solve their problems.
September 13, 2008
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