Does the word "frega" exist in the italian language? and if it exists what does it mean?
Sep 12, 2008 3:45 PM
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Frega has different meanings. to rub (a floor, a pot) Frega bene quella pentola, altrimenti lo sporco non va via! (Rub strongly that pot otherwise it remains dirty!) to massage (the body, the hair, to let an oil or a medicine to be absorbed by the body.) but in common Italian we say: frizionare, massaggiare. sexual desire: frega or more common: fregola. The verb fregare, also means to cheat or to pinch, to nick (popular) Mi ha fregato il portafogli (He stolen my wallet) Mi hanno fregato agli esami (I didn’t pass the exam) Li abbiamo fregati segnando all’ultimo minuto! (we won the match with a last minute gol!) Fregare also is a non polite way to say to make love The verb fregarsene (io me ne frego) means indifference Me ne frego di te! (I’m not interested in you, in what u think or do) Me ne frego di quello che possono pensare! (i’m indifferent of what people think of me) Che te ne frega? (make your own business!) Ciao!!
September 12, 2008
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