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Harregarre and itlktiv should be kick out by italki admins Those two users of italki blaming persons without any reason, call them gay, call them bastards, call them Nazis and much more. I want to get your personal mind. I want that italki have to be free from those insulting people. We have to kick them out of italki and build a ignore function for this site. I also know that they both try to make a brawl against me without any reason. They think they are the best and blame other members of italki. Please admins of italki kick them out of the site and delete theyr profiles. They hurt me and other members without any reason just for theyr own amusement. Please admins kick them out.
Sep 12, 2008 5:37 PM
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Chinafan, if anyone should be kicked of of italki, it should be you!
September 12, 2008
It's funny great, as I didn't call you a nazi. You called yourself a nazi. To quote you: "I wish our glory Wehrmacht had killed you all in WW2." "we germans already did it like killing every jewish bitch. " "Wish a new Führer would come to lead us to total victory. He will come I´m sure and you all will die." "its better to be a Nazi then a guy of the Netherlands." I'm sorry, but how are you not a nazi? And let's see what else you've sent: "I dont speak with sons of prositutes." "Just contact me when you are in Berlin so that I can cut your flesh from your bones" "You netherland bitches in your little country" If there's anyone who should be removed it's you. In fact I'll contact the administrators. :)
September 12, 2008
Chinafan, YOU should be ashamed of yourself.
September 13, 2008
I know, great. I tried to help chinafan to understand the world a bit better, but he is stuck in a very dark and angry place. Perhaps it's best for his own safety and that of others that he doesn't get to post here anymore. First I pitied chinafan for his lack of faith in humanity but now I'm just scared of him, especially because he glorifies the horrible acts of Nazi Germany. Perhaps it's hard for you to imagine how sensitive something like that is. Chinese people can easily relate to this though because the Germans were like the Japanese here. So to all Chinese posting here, just imagine what you would think of "chinafan" if you remember that the eradication of jews was like the rape of Nanjing. Would you still think he's a good guy? Can you be friends with someone who glorifies the acts of Japan during World War 2?
September 12, 2008
• Chinafan wrote: Hahaha I never found such an useless creature then you. You think you can be better then me hehe. You are just an ignorant useless dutch bastard. I wish our glory Wehrmacht had killed you all in WW2. Never forget we germans are millions of years better then you useless dutch bastards. You just make movies killing your enemys like Allah but we germans already did it like killing every jewish bitch. You don´t speak the truth because you don´t know me. And I dont want to study because I already can work and you just sit there in university and hearing useless capitalistic things from your professor. Its jsut useless and lies. You know those ones which work hard since theyr teenage life are those ones who are the best. China would never accept you I´m sure. You wouldn´t be alive after just 6 months they already would kill you because you are a useless bastard. Just a bitch which mother is a hustler. Look I have much friends you don´t know and I know you don´t have so much then me. I have the better contacts I can trust really and you have nothing. I believe in myself now and thats why I have more chances then you. Also I´m ready to die for everything I stand for and thats why much people are proud because of me. I´m ready to die for China, for communism, for Heavy Metal, for Chris Benoit, for Mao Zedong, for Josef Stalin, for Fidel Castro, for Che Guevara, for Kim Jong Il, for Cho Seung-Hui, for Ho Chi-Min and my friends. What are you ready to die? Let me guess its nothing hahaha. You netherland bitches in your little country will never get the same strengh then Germany or China. Just look you are nothing. Why you was overrun in both World Wars? Because you never was ready to die for your pride and you never were strong at all. We could do it every time again. Wish a new Führer would come to lead us to total victory. He will come I´m sure and you all will die.
September 12, 2008
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