Please tell the story in too simple language. As long as you are journeying in the interior of the Desert you have no particular point to make for as your resting-place. The endless sands yield nothing but small stunted shrubs; even these fail after the first two or three days, and from that time you pass over broad plains— you pass over newly-reared hills— you pass through valleys dug out by the last week's storm,— and the hills and the valleys are sand, sand, sand, still sand, and only sand, and sand, and sand again. The earth is so samely that your eyes turn towards heaven— towards heaven, I mean, in sense of sky. You look to the sun, for he is your taskmaster, and by him you know the measure of the work that you have done, and the measure of the work that remains for you to do. . If possible full story explain.Travel in the Des erst Eothen. Web address above. Thanking You
Sep 12, 2008 8:31 PM