Amiret el jazayer
can u translated to arabic i'am you are what why thank's welcom
Sep 13, 2008 10:54 PM
Answers · 4
i am = انا = ana you are = انت = enta what = ما هو = ma hoa why = لماذ = lematha thanks = شكرا = shokran welcome = مرحبا = maarhaba you are welcome bye
September 14, 2008
Good job guys! I’ve nothing to add ;-) To Cleopatra: Algeria is a country where we use arabic & French, English seldom used! So don't blame her. We are all here to learn, and every learning process has a beginning. «THE 1000 MILES JOURNEY BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP» Rather encourage and help others, فنحن في رمضان الأجر مضاعف :-) السلام عليكم
September 14, 2008
i"am أنا you are أنت/ أنتي تكون what ماذا why لماذا thank's شكرا welcom
September 13, 2008
You are an Arabian girl from Algeria and do not know the meaning of such simple words . HOW COME ?!!!
September 13, 2008
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