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What will you do? What will you do if a friend tells you that he will die soon due to a desease, what will be you reaction?, how will you feel? What will you do?
Sep 14, 2008 8:52 AM
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that's a sorrow question. may be the first reaction is unbelievable,then deeply crying with my friend.Then clear up,if we can't change the truth,we can change ourselves treatment about the bad thing.So clear all sad up,do anything with my friend that he/she wanna do.Maybe the biggest thing is encorage friend to have the courage to face death.
September 15, 2008
i will with my friend untill end and pray for him/she
September 14, 2008
True friends are always there for you, no matter what happens. If my friend suffers from a deadly disease, I won't leave him/her of course, cuz the bond shared between us is really a very strong bond of love and NOTHING can break it.
September 14, 2008
i will be with him or her until he dead ! i will feel endless sorrow ! i will help him to take care of his parents and his lover! and i won't forget him forever
September 14, 2008
I would listen to him, if he felt like he wanted to talk about it, but if he wouldn't talk about it, I would try to keep our friendship as it was before. There is no reason to talk about the death, when he is still alive, and you can do things together. I would of course try to arrange things he has been dreaming about. It could be a one-week travel to some place, bungee-jump, or something similar. I think most people with life-threatening diseases want to keep their life as normal as possible, instead of all their friends and family are worried about them, and don't really know how to handle the situation.
September 14, 2008
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