Amiret el jazayer
what is your favorite color tell me your favorite color with your language i hope see all languages her my favorite color is green(akhdar)with arabic
Sep 14, 2008 10:50 AM
Answers · 8
My Favorite colour is White " Abyadh'' In Arabic , weiß in German , Blanc in French , and Blanco in Spanish ^_^
September 14, 2008
my favorite colors are: 1. Green(Verde) 2. Red (Rojo) 3. Orange (Naranja o anaranjado) this is in spanish! ^__^
September 15, 2008
الاسود و الازرق و الابيض :)
September 14, 2008
Люблю золотое теплое солнце, белый пушистый снег, лазурно-синее небо,нежно-зелёные листья деревьев... I love the warm golden sun, white fluffy snow, azure-blue sky, tender green leaves of trees ...
September 14, 2008
blau (blue) and grün(green)
September 14, 2008
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