how to learn french soon?where is a quick way for my french? want to learn french,,and study there!!
Sep 14, 2008 3:35 PM
Answers · 3
try to listen some french songs, read lyrics start to write on a notebook new words you can also watch some french tv
September 16, 2008
nothing is easy ....u need the time do learn any language u want it ...u shuld be search about the best way not the quick way :)
September 18, 2008
mm.. I know a collection of three books ( niveau débutant, intermédiaire et avancé ) which are a good tool to learn French by yourself and in an easy and fast way. I dont know if they are published in other contries. The editiorial is called CLÉ. And, reading books, or online papers ( eg: Le Monde) , and French music of course (eg: Carla Bruni).
September 15, 2008
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