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what is your feeling when be nothing ?
Sep 14, 2008 6:53 PM
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Every person has a personality , so , no one is "nothing" in this world.
September 14, 2008
I 4got to say sorry ! .................... :-p .................... now i can answer the Q! ... sometimes i feel like I'm invisible & it's a horrible feeling & hard 4 people to feel it specialy 4 a long while but i think anyone can delete tht negativity from his mind & think in positive way ! so i do in tht situations ! & i always win against myself ! :-) thnx 4 the question & sorry again !
September 14, 2008
Hey YoU~nEvEr~KnOw~!! what is this man? u r so "cynical" & "dispirited" !! u hav a strange name, .. & a sad profile photo & ur Qs r just expressing more & more sadness 2! ... u know .. maybe u should quit ur job! tht drama which u make affected u personally!! ... just remember Mr Star ur high level in ur family & friends' heart ! & remember ur social position LOL: say thnx god once! maybe i am acting like I~nEvEr~KnOw~! ... after all u r special believe me! there is no other [YoU~nEvEr~KnOw~!] .... what u need is 2 be self-confident & to discover the little angel inside u! ... don't look this way: 0×0=0 but this way: (-)×(-)=(+) ^___^ .. keep smiling & believe tht after the dark night the day comes ! .... u r helthy! succeful! a singe man with 30 y.o .. :-p u hav a work & best of all! u r a writer !!! ......... many people should be jalous from u & u think u r nothing ? .. come on !!
September 14, 2008
hhhhh i'm not nothing ...i have a person ; openion and special way to think.....so i have a role in this world like everybody :)
September 18, 2008
impossible at least ur important for someone
September 15, 2008
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