CaN someone help me improve my korean daily or aleast few times a week,PLEASE?!..[READ IMPORTANT!!!]XD hi,the name is sunmi[순미],i need real help in learning korean,i already know how to read & write hangul,i just don't know many words,i know how to greet someone,say sorry,say your welcome,thank you and excuse me[that's it].SOO i need someone who can speak korean & teach me it,maybe everyday but i doubt that cause i have my volleyball/basketball games once or twice a week,plus school work,but i try to get on iTALKi as much as i can, and PLEASE don't tell me to get a book[i already have a korean language book],i need someone to talk to,try to remember how you learned korean when you were little in school,teach me the same way if you can,pleaseee!!add me,& i can tell you my messenger,i kind of perfer someone around 13-17 years of age cause it'll be easier to talk to them.THANKS!!i don't care if more than one person helps me,in fact..the more the better[then i'll improve much faster!!]감사함니다!!8D
Sep 14, 2008 10:53 PM
Answers · 2
^^ you love korean, right ? I will help you ^^.
September 15, 2008
"thank you" =kahn sahm nee dah. "youre welcome" = cha ma nay oh. "i'm sorry"= mee ahn hahm nee dah.
September 22, 2008
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