Can you help me translate the sentence ? 挑战杯创业设计大赛 工作内容:撰写计划书 团队的日常管理 工作成绩:挑战杯创业设计大赛铜奖 工作内容:客户信息收集及客户订单跟踪 工作成绩:由于表现优秀公司同意本人毕业后接收为公司员工,并提提供在校期间的学费及相关补助 工作内容:销售甲醛捕捉剂 推广室内污染检测项目 工作成绩:与多家室内污染检测治理公司达成长期供货合同 在丽华苑、大唐世家等小区成功的完成推广任务 工作内容:客户开发及客户信息收集 工作成绩:由于在工作期间表现突出,由经理介绍转到西美鑫精密铸造有限公司工作
Sep 15, 2008 2:19 PM
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September 16, 2008
I don't know how correct this is but here is what my translating program gave me: Challenge Cup Venture Design Competition Work: writing plan day-to-day management team Record: Venture Design Competition Challenge Cup Bronze Work: customer information collection and tracking of customer orders Record: As the outstanding performance of the company after graduation I agree to receive for the company staff and to provide in-school during the school fees and related grants Work: to promote sales甲醛捕捉剂indoor air pollution test items Achievements: with a number of indoor pollution detection management companies reach a long-term supply contracts In Lihua Court, Datang family, and other community successfully completed the task of promoting Work:Record: As in the course of work outstanding performance, introduced by the manager to the United States and the West work Xin Precision Casting Co., Ltd. customer development and customer information collection
September 15, 2008
如果这个是你的工作,希望你能自己去完成 如果你只是想知道这些翻译是什么意思,我觉得太过于专业了,估计很难有人帮你翻译很完整 good luck
September 16, 2008
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