Amiret el jazayer
countries and you? You are studying the language (ex :korean) The language of this country (ex:korea) What do you know about this country (ex:korea)? you have study culture of the country (ex:korea)? you have visited this country(ex:korea)? for me a love all cultures specially asian cultures i learn korean japanese chinese langueges i have learned a cultures, i wish travel to this countries
Sep 15, 2008 5:35 PM
Answers · 3
you seem to love that part of the asian world so much...... south east asia is interesting too you know :-) it's where i'm from.
September 21, 2008
i was stationed in korea for a year when i was in the army. i found it to be a very positive experience overall.
September 17, 2008
didnt understand... somehow i dont know much about korea...
September 15, 2008
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