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Hello everybody I am sidarta and a friend whom I knew on italki recommended me to ask you the question. I would like to study has London and I would like that you give me names of ecoles has London thank you! so my english is primary thanks!!
Sep 16, 2008 7:09 PM
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Obviously, your friend is a French speaker :-) He/she made a bad translation. I'll correct: I’d like to study in London, can you give me the name of some schools/colleges (je crois que tu as remplacé le ‘à’ par ‘has’) in London? My English is poor (ou tu peux dire: I’m still beginner in English) Thanks, My answer is: I’ve No idea about London’s schools. But, I’ve a friend who knows everything about this. Here is his website: www.google.com , you can ask him by typing these words: London, Schools, colleges , ( or the option u want to study ). And he’ll give you lot of choices, just choose the one that fits with your friends criterions: p Good Luck,
September 17, 2008
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