Talk about songs u like The first time i listened the tape,that's the first album of Jay Chou,then i like his songs,then up now.I know each songs of him,and also i can sing most of the melody,the lyrics,the stories that behind songs.i will always remember that saturday envening after the guys played b-ball in the playground,i and another guy had an one on one chou's songs,bring back so many memories! There are always some songs that can relate to,so talk about ur faves,and the stories.and by the way recommend some good ones to me^_^
Sep 17, 2008 2:12 AM
Answers · 6
i like jay chou too, and i also like Groove coverage's voice.
September 17, 2008
Personally, I like songs that are upbeat and fast. But there are some slow songs that I do listen to at times. My personally favorite song is : Stevie Wonder : I Just Call.
September 17, 2008
I read an article about 'Smiling Pasta' drama in Asian Stars magz in 2006, i instanly interested to see this taiwanese drama, but really had the chance to watch it in 2008. I had been heard the ending song twice (usually we just skipped it) and i thought who sung this song. I searched it and found that it's Nicholas Teo (zhang dong liang) the singer. I started to like him a lot. I sing his song everyday. What the funny part is i've been like his voice even when he wasn't a singer and an actor. I had watched his performance as a contestant in Astro quest competition.
September 17, 2008
i love " father and sun" for " cat steven" ( islam yusuf) :)
September 20, 2008
the U2 and their song With or without You, it is a song which i like a lot because i can remember how stupid i was in my relationship with that " girl " so i decided to live without her, the music is fenomenal and the words are everybody's feelings when he loved and hated !!
September 17, 2008
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