هل تثق(ي) فيمن تحدتثهم عبر الأنترنت ؟
Sep 17, 2008 4:04 AM
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انا اثق بهم بنفس الدرجة التي اثق فيها بجميع الناس و انا اعتقد ان اي شخص لا يتغير كثيرا ادا دخل الانترنت ادا انا اثق لا افرق كثير بين الانترنات و خارجها و لاكن الحدر دائما واجب وليس معنئ هدا ان يكون الواحد غبيا
September 23, 2008
Not always ,trusts with all persons, particularly across the web Because Possible net friendships are false and fake friendship and time friends ,Sometimes u meet across the web world is different from your world the true faithful expect anything different must be awareness and caution ,here we use and improve the level of our performance and our languages only but in general, any relations with us to build strong friendships must be sure of their honesty and sincerity if identified by the Friends of the net must know them more reality to see them alhamd llah i have a group of friends through the net are a place of trust and sincerity and the fulfillment of the secretariat ,Change the views of Sometimes the friendship of the Web
September 22, 2008
أثق في مودي و بس
September 19, 2008
Not Always, obviously. Until now I’ve just met one guy who lives close to the place I study .and he is nice and trustworthy, and we are good friends until this day. But, generally I only practice with them my language and vice versa. So, even if someone lies to me it won't affect me although I always provide genuine information about myself, and if I feel bothered I don't answer, it’s the easiest way :-) But, if I want to go further with someone in this friendship, I should be sure that he is honest towards me. The important point is, further we advance in any relationships the more we need to be sure about his honesty.
September 17, 2008
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