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how to say " the sights and sounds " in spanish? No more lively discussions on the sights and sounds of the campus.
Sep 17, 2008 5:24 AM
Answers · 3
Puedes decir " la visibilidad lo que puedes observar o mirar y los sonidos"
September 18, 2008
Las vistas y sonidos. To put that phrase in context, let say: The sights and sounds of the jungle are awesome. In this case sights means scenes, in Spanish is "vistas" or "escenas".
September 18, 2008
OK here is an options for you 1."las visiones y los sonidos" 2."las miradas y sonidos" mirada is a verb from mirar = to look, is means "to look something this o that" Visiones is the plurar for Vision, it´s means to have an idea from, or,dreamer, visionary it was be usefull for you? see ya
September 17, 2008
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