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HELP! please translate into chinese or simple-english for me.请帮忙翻译 1. Each Container to be leased for a minimum period of five years.upon ninety days perior written notice,lessee shall have the right, if lessee is not in default of any obligation to lessor, to terminate containers leased under this schedule 1 to the lease in whole or in part at the end of twelve months, as well as at the end of each successive 12 month period, respectively, of the minimum term. For any containers terminated during the minimum term, lessee shall pay an additional fee per container per day from date of delivery until off-hire date. 2. Lessor reserves the right to modify this schedule upon 30 days written notice to lessee. The monthly depot return limits may not be accumulated from month to month. Additional locations and/or quantities may be offered by lessor or requested by lessee based upon local market conditions. Handling in and out charges to be invoiced centrally by lessor to lessee at the rates set forth below; per depot movement.
Sep 17, 2008 6:34 AM
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请大家指正,谢谢 1.每个集装箱最低出租年限为5年。承租人在没有任何违约行为的情况下,有权提前90天出具书面通知,在第12个月底,部分或整个终止根据1号时间表所租赁的集装箱,在之后的每12个月,即最短期限内,承租人都有权采取如上行为。每个最短期限内终止租赁的集装箱,承租人应该按照每个集装箱每天,从交货日到停租日计算,支付额外的费用。 2.在提前30天以书面形式通知承租人的基础上,出租人有权变更本时间表。每个月的集装箱中转站的停靠配额仅供当月使用,不可以按月累计。在应承租人根据本地市场情况要求或出租人愿意提供的基础上,承租人可以取得在合同约定外的地点停靠或且约定外的集装箱配额的权利。 管理进出位置的费用应该按照下列每次进出位的价格和次数,由出租人向承租人统一提供收据。
September 18, 2008
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