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Avez vous peur de la mort? Are you afraid from Death ?
Sep 18, 2008 8:00 AM
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Every living organism should be afraid of death. From a biological point of view, survival is the main goal for a organism. Sometimes survival of the species is more important than survival of the individual. But with humans the goals of life becomes more abstract. Humans are ready to die for ideas. And humans invent ideas to change the meaning of death. I believe that afterlife was partly invented because people were afraid of death. Before the religions became linear, however, there was a cyclical belief that everything repeats itself at some point so there was no clear end and therefore there was no reason to be afraid of death. And the same applies in Buddhism, where every individual is reborn after each life cycle. With Judaism, Christianity and Islam it's different because they believe that every event is unique, non-cyclical, linear. (Though they contradict this with some yearly events). They had to compensate the fear of death with an idea of a paradise. And what a better way to motivate people to behave than promise them good afterlife for good behavior. So in general for religious people death does not have the same meaning than for atheists. They can't fear death if they believe in a eternal life which is supposedly better than life as a human. And to end, I will answer the question directly. Yes, I am terrified by the idea of my own death. I would never shorten my own life or take my own life. Whatever emotions humans feel, be it utter sadness or feeling of uselessness, it is still better than to cease to exist. But I do not think about death because there is nothing I can do to stop it. So worrying about it is kind of pointless. So in that way the irrationality of worrying about the inevitable beats fear.
September 18, 2008
well, when I was little and I was spoken about death I used to cry for hours, but now I realize that what I am scared of is the fact that I will be DEAD I won't do anything after that, not speak, not think, not move, not anything but it will come one day no matter how much I hate the idea, and I have to face it, the important thing though is to make the most you can with your life and enjoy it no matter what.
September 20, 2008
Congenitally, every human being is afraid from death but the fear here isn't from death itself but from what will happen just before (good or bad ending) or after death; death here means the end of ur own life, ur own dreams, ur own deeds... There are people who lived 20 years only but have left traces of their life, in other words who had done something in life which let them still remembered after death, while others lived 80 years old but did "nothing" in their life. I'll still afraid from death since I've done nothing important in my life but thinking about it for me should be positive so that it would be an impetus to move and work but not to grieve and laziness, as the arabic saying goes: "I3mal lidounyaka kaanaka taichou abada wa imal liakhirataka kaanaka tamout gada" which means: "WORK FOR UR LIFE AS IF U'LL LIVE FOREVER, AND WORK FOR UR HEREAFTER (afterlife) AS IF U'LL DIE TOMORROW".
September 19, 2008
no i am not afraid . i know this happen in the future see you
September 18, 2008
NO u cannot be the master of ur fate All the arrangements from ALLAH
September 18, 2008
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