为什么大学毕业生找不到工作? 现在的大学毕业生越来越多,人们常说:大学毕业就失业……可是我们到底为什么来念这个大学?在大学里我们究竟学到了什么?
Sep 18, 2008 8:09 AM
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如果是去那种类似“翰林院”的单位就职,那么丰富的学识就是必要的,例如:科研机构、教研单位、出版社等。 如果是去外资企业,老板最关心的是你给公司带来的利润和绩效,至于你是北大的还是清华的,不是主要因素。 那些北大、清华、北外、复旦、等名牌大学毕业的,很容易自视清高,对现状很不满意,自然找工作也就难了。
September 20, 2008
哈哈 欢迎生活...给你英文成语: the only fair in life is the one with a ferris wheel, cotton candy and a petting zoo. 我毕业了大学,我也找不到工作. I had to prove myself to the potential companies. 你觉得别人给你工作吗? Just hand you a job. I'm sorry that is lazy thinking. Companies don't want lazy they want hard and SMART workers.
September 20, 2008
人口太多,岗位太少,竞争激烈,这玩意谁也没辙。教育体制是一方面,另外大学毕业生饭前便后也该琢磨琢磨自己大学四年都干了些什么,学到了些什么,和高中毕业时有什么区别,自然也就找到答案了。 因为并不是所有的毕业生都找不到工作,否则大学也就不存在了。
September 19, 2008
September 20, 2008
Why I can not find a job after graduating from the college? I guess, this is a really good question to ask urself:p Good chance will always appears to those people who are prepared. Are u ready for any kind of job? I guess not. If u ask this question or realized that it's really difficult to get a job after college when u just became a university students, You might be able to find a good job. But ,my friends,it's okey never be late. If you start to make yourself become a more competitive person, you won't have the same feeling like u have right now. 加油!
September 18, 2008
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