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一段话,求翻译成中文 (太可怕了,都要被这些英文变态文章折磨疯了)救我则个…… 1、 Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, including without limitation, the definitions and nomenclature used herein, the lease shall not be deemed a sale or anything other than a lease for any purpose. Lessee shall have no right to sublease the containers or assign its rights under this lease, except with the prior written consent of lessor. In the event of a permitted subletting or assignment, lessee shall remain personally liable for the payment and performance of all obligations of “lessee’ under this lease. 2、Lessee shall indemnify lessor and its principals and their respective agents in respect of any legal cost and other expense (including without limitation attorneys’ fes, court costs, and costs and expenses associated with vessel survey and vessel valuation surveys) incurred by or on behalf of lessor or its principals by reason of any container and RENTAL CHARGES, REPAIR CHARGES or any other charges of whatsoever kind due in relation to any container.
Sep 18, 2008 9:21 AM
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1.尽管本租涉及各项条款,包括但不仅限于定义与术语方面的约定,但其不应被视为一个销售行为、或为了任何其他目的被认定为除租约外的其他法律行为。除非在得到出租人事先书面许可的情况下,承租人无权将租赁的集装箱分租给他人或将本租约中约定的权利进行转让。在得到许可进行分租或转让的情况下,所有本合约规定由所有“承租人”承担的义务应该由本合同的承租人个人承担。 2.承租人应该免除出租人、其管理人及其相关代理机构相应的法律费用和其他的一些由或代表出租人所要求的集装箱及租赁、修理或任何集装箱相关费用(包括但不限于律师费、诉讼费、及船舶检查和船舶价值检查)。
September 19, 2008
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