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What to do when someone don't reply your messages? Hi, italki is a way to learn languages and many peoples use this site to do it, but why I have to do when someone don't reply my messages? *Remember, I say messages talking about languages and not trivial matter! Please help me! ;)
Sep 18, 2008 11:42 AM
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Just delete them from your friends list because they're probably no longer interested in learning a language through italki. Sometimes people get a hunch to register at a site and they never log in again. Just get rid of them and don't waste time.
September 18, 2008
Hi Niko_br, -Well, I have a different opinion than the guys above - Harre you chose an extreme solution :p - . -We cannot know the reasons of the people .sometimes they are just here to seek for friends to add on MSN and chat with, they aren't here to contribute or do lot of things. And it's their choice. Sometimes the question is not interesting for the persons who saw it, or they feel unable to answer or just because of laziness. -The problem of the language is also a probability .for example , when I check for FRENCH questions , I find just a couple of answers .usually , French people are working on their English or a foreign language ,and just few of people are able to do an adequate answer in French .you can generalize it on some languages . -The person you wrote has read your message, but he didn’t have the time to answer .So, he/she postponed the reply, but after he/she in again they forgot about. -Sometimes they are very busy. Believe me, I stay more than 6 hours continually in front of my pc without being able to reply to all the requests and messages I receive. Sometimes I answer after 3 days :- ( All what can I say is: Don’t care much. If some one wants to help you and reply to your posts he/she will do Sooner or later, just give them more time. Peace Out, P.S. I wanted to answer your question before 6 hours! But, just now I could dedicate 6 min to do .
September 19, 2008
I guess, for some certain reason 10 out of 100 people might be interested in your message or u:) 1 out of the 10 might have time, mood, interest to answer ur message. so, keep trying
September 19, 2008
feel free and join everysection in italki.make an impression that anyone can mingle with u.make ur identity so that one can visit ur profile more than one time and contact u.Ask them, like u ask to a teacher or friend. they r not stone.
September 18, 2008
ask publicly or find some one to chat with & ask live.
September 18, 2008
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